Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 IRE to Discuss Issues On Roofing in Lancaster, PA and Other Areas

The expo will also treat attendees to new products and processes. “Not only does the International Roofing Expo showcase the industry’s latest roofing products, services and equipment, it is also where the industry turns for business solutions, education and networking,” said Bill Good, the NRCA’s executive vice-president.

With these educational sessions, Lancaster roofing companies like Eagle Building Solutions, LLC, and those in other areas, will be able to integrate into their own suite of services, the trade tips and tricks that they learn from the conference. As a result, they stand to offer better services to their customers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Roofing in Lancaster, PA: Gearing up for Increasingly Heavy Snow Loads

Certain critical factors can affect the performance of any roof during winter. For instance, low-sloped or flat roof styles tend to accumulate more snow than steep slope styles that allow melting snow to run off quickly. If you have a low-sloped or flat roof, you may use a snow rake to clear your roof; just be sure to exercise utmost caution when doing so.

Another factor that affects a roof’s ability to handle a heavier than usual snow load is its current condition. A damaged or a decaying roof structure is undoubtedly likely to fail in the face of heavy snowfall and powerful snowstorms, which is why many industry experts suggest that the necessary roof repairs be carried during the spring and fall. Meanwhile, experienced Lancaster roofing contractors can help control snowmelt runoff and water damage by ensuring optimum attic ventilation services.