Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slate Roofing in Lancaster, PA Preserving A School’s Classic Flair

The Goldwin Smith Hall project, in particular, warranted a full replacement of its slate roof; many sections of it were laid down over a hundred years ago. However, the weather is hampering the workload; university associate projects manager Alex Chevallard says lower temperatures tested efforts to replace tiles and old underlayment with new material.

A reputable contractor like Eagle will have other services designed to maximize the experience of quality roofing in Lancaster. They include window and door replacement, gutter repair, and renovations. Structures designed to last many years should stay that way with adequate construction solutions.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dealing with Lancaster, PA Roofing Problems As Soon as Winter Ends

The interior part of the roof, however, needs a more thorough checking to reveal the damages. This usually involves climbing into the attic to look for leaks or stains. Some damages are noticeable, if homeowners know exactly where to look and how to identify them. Otherwise, these damages, leaks and stains can be easily missed.

This is where professional services for roofing in Lancaster, PA are most needed. Expert roofers can check key spots and parts of the roofing interiors to determine whether they are in good or bad condition. Having handled several external and internal roofing issues throughout many seasons, professional roofing companies know critical signs of roofing problems on sight.