Monday, April 14, 2014

Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives with Help from Lancaster, PA Roofing Firms

The aftermath of the storm was a scene of urgency, with around 96 people needing to be housed in an emergency shelter on the first night. This is where Red Cross came in by providing such emergency assistance and food, and even getting people in touch with experts who can assess the overall damage to their homes. By the second night, only a handful were left who were not able to go home or find better temporary accommodations, but even this is only the first step towards the long and arduous task of rebuilding and recovery.

Just a week after the storm, people were already well into clean-up and damage assessment, alongside volunteers and relief organizations willing to lend a hand. There was water being pumped out of homes, personal belongings being salvaged, and damaged walls being torn down for removal, and everyone was doing their best whether it was their own home or a complete stranger’s.